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I started Black Oni in 2009 as a one man operation, providing design and illustration services to mostly local clients. Over the years, Will has had the opportunity to work with clients and businesses on a national scale, including Teach Plus, Artists for Humanity, True Artists, Laced, WDean, Herban Farms, Silverhill Media, Frozen Ape BreWorks, We Do it All, YMCA, Gillette, and more. Through the exploration of both digital and traditional media, Will has developed a passion for creating visually compelling and impactful images. His personal work blends japanese aesthetics with western techniques (as demonstrated by expressive brush strokes, minalimism, and dynamic color palettes), resulting in a style that reflects harmony and balance. Following graduating Magna Cum Laude from Elmira College in 2010, he has been providing employers, clients, and collaborators versatile solutions to their visual needs.


Most illustrations are sketched and planned out traditionally, with paper and pencil. Will's style demands that illustrations are appropriate for their source material while maintaing high detail, intentional design, and stylistic precision. He draws inspiration from artists such as Stanley Lau, Joe Madureira, Yoji Shinkawa, and Marc Dennis. Projects include Concept art, Character Designs, Album Covers, Book Art, Product Advertisement, & Comic Art.

Graphic Design

Online and print media have never been so prevalant in the way a company, or person represents themselves. This is why Will has dedicated himself to understanding how graphic design impacts a company's success. The way one presents themselves is just as important as what one actually does. Services include Flyers, Brochures, Report Designs, Web Design, Posters, & signage.

Branding & Identity

Logos are intended to promote and invoke instant public recognition, while branding also involves the way in which you deliver the message to your intended audience. How are people identifying your business? How are they perceiving said business? Strong branding creates a clear and consistent message throughout several media forms. Branding services include Logos, Style Guides, Business Cards, Letter Heads, Social Media Marketing, Consulting, & Merchandise.