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Brand Identity & Mobile App Design | Visual Designer



Content creation is hard, but figuring out a plan of action shouldn't be. Due to the complexity of translating data, GoAllIn's challenge was to take the guesswork out of content creation, and give users the tools to be at their best, all while providing a goal oriented approach to growth on all platforms. 





A Majority (67%) of content creators surveyed said they were unhappy with the information available to them for analyzing their data. Roughly half (54%) said this was due to complexity of understanding what those metrics mean and how it applies to them. Only 25% say they're checking their metrics at least once a week.


Will knew that GoAllIn needed to have strong visual indicators as to the goal orientation of this product, and an icon that can be used as a standalone image to represent the brand. Additionally, a user-centric approach was paramount to ensuring long term success and ease of use for the app. Will explored data visualization, site-mapping, wireframing, and overall composition. He also led in all things visual design for this product. The overall thematic objective was to explore the wonders and whimisical side of content creation.

Given the research and info available to him, Will set out to clearly define and wireframe pages, exploring every opportunity make the experience easy and seamless for users. As such, the most impactful page is the home page. Here, users can get a snapshot of how they're performing up against their goals, view upcoming game releases based on their interest, learn more about premium features, and check in to their in-app messages and notifications.

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