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Report and Web Design | Visual Designer



Groma needed an iconic, effective, and beautiful design to help them stand out in the Real Estate Development industry. As a startup, Groma faced immense competition amidst the other companies in Boston with established presence in the city. As such, Will's challenge was to help establish their presence in Boston. Their proposal for the Parcel 8 development in Roxbury was a huge undertaking, especially with it being both a living and working space.





37% of B2B marketers use research reports for content marketing. Reader retention increases by 65% when designed well/visually appealing. Researchers spent 39% less time finding information in a document with visuals, colors and charts.


Will's approach when contacted with the proposal to set the stage for Groma's Parcel 8 visual strategy, he thought about the audience and community. He thought about the colors and themes that make Boston so special, and so tightly knit, especially within the black community. 

Representing the common colors seen in Boston Architecture and landmarks was an absolute must, and showing the process from conception to completion was something he carried over from the website he designed and imagery of blueprints used throughout. In addition to the report design, he also created a presentation design, financial breakdown document, and Groma's first website.

The entire campaign Will was responsible for consisted of a website landing page, report design, AND a presentation design. As such, there needed to be elements tying them all together to show brand cohesion and a commitment to staying true to Boston's essence and charm.

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