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Lightning Rider Pictures

"Working with Will on creating my company’s logo was a dream. He was creative, open to ideas and offered up more examples than I ever expected. Beyond that, it was important to Will to fully grasp the philosophy behind my company, and those ideas were clearly reflected in the finished work. The concepts of energy, dynamism and creativity were rendered in graphic style. Beyond all that, he is simply a joy to work with. I cannot recommend him highly enough."



ROXAS and Club Mass

Will was a great help to me when I was trying to create an image to start my own fitness identity. He really thinks outside the box with a lot of his artwork and that's what makes him special as an artist. He doesn't settle for less and always puts the best product out, and I've been getting a lot of compliments on that logo.



"As a content creator I've spent the last 5 years working with different people on all my branding needs. When it came time to create something new to promote my passion for PUBG and my channel I went to Will. I was looking for someone to work with that could take something simple but give a complete custom look that I could then work with and change as my branding and partnerships changed over the years. I have used this base image in multiple promotions over the past 2 years. If you have an idea and looking for someone to help you craft that vision Will is the person I would go to."


NH Rep Campaign, CRED

I commissioned a holiday gift from Will for my wife. I was eager to support a great and talented person. The process was easy, I sent some info about my wife and a few photos that captured her essence and Will worked his magic. He was in constant communication and even helped with finding a great place to print and frame the work. The attention to detail was phenomenal and Will was able to create something that my wife loved as soon as she saw it. My wife loved the detail in the colors and in the overall product. The finished product stole the show during the holidays. I'm beyond grateful for working with Will and excited to work with him in the future.


Game Culture & Mr Abel Green

"I asked Will to make emotes for my twitch channel, and t-shirt designs for Game Culture. He totally blew me away with his professionalism, creativity, and art style. I had the pleasure to watch him make my emotes from scratch which was a fantastic experience. The whole process was great from start to finish and I could not ask for any better results. That's why there is only one Oni."

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