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  • Willie Beans
  • Willie Beans

Willie Beans

Roast Level

The Beans To Fuel Your Dreams!

We believe that starting your day with grinding and brewing our coffee is akin to a zen-like daily ritual, encouraging time to reflect, and time to think ahead. This flavor-packed coffee provides the energy necessary to ensure you have the fuel to see your dreams become reality! Be inspired, level up, and redefine your attribute points in mind, body, and spirit!


There are three roast levels!
Base (Half city)- Light Roast- For those who want strong, but subtle flavor
Crit (City/Breakfast)- Medium Roast- For those who love bold and vibrant flavors that go beyond
Double Crit (Full City/Vienna)- Dark Roast- For those who want to go even FURTHER beyond, with boldness in flavor and punch! Time to power up!

Recommended Coffee Equipment
Pour over coffee maker (
Kettle (
Grinder (

  • Coffee

  • Will personally roasts each order as they come, so batches are as fresh as possible before they're delivered directly to you. As such, expect orders to take up to 2 business days to process before shipment.

    Coffee can be ground upon request, although the best results comes from grinding RIGHT before consumption.

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