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Graphic Design

Brand identities, website development, social media campaigns, video production imaging, reports layout and design, book design, and consulting.


Character design, concept art, book covers, comic books, posters, portraits, emotes, and consulting.

Gaming Media

Twitch livestream advertising & sponsorships, social media advertising, video advertising, panels, game development consulting, influencer consulting


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Will Wiggins III, otherwise known as Black Oni, is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Action-RPG focused streamer, heavily influenced by Black and Japanese culture. "Born, and protector of sacred land," reflects his views of art and gaming as sacred forms of exploration & expression.

As an Illustrator, designer, and content creator, he leans into his passion for telling stories through visuals, and sharing his love of gaming through podcasts, game coverage, and Twitch livestreams. He has led panels on branding, (including the most viewed and attended Twitch creator camp panel at Twitchcon 2018) had his designs presented to Congress, worked with high profile clients, and has been highlighted in several large gaming publications.

Above all, he aims to entertain, entice, and educate.





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